NLP - it's not what you think it is

Many motivators, involved in the world of SEO and Internet Marketing, will know the phrase NLP as 'Neural Linguistic Programming'.  NLP can have its place but in measured proportion and to an applied purpose.  Many people need a kick start method to re-focus their efforts and remove themselves from a negative cycle of wasted effort in order to goto a better place.  I know NLP from a different perspective.

NLP as defined as 'Natural Language Processing' here on: Stanford University Research Into NLP - NLP as applied to social meaning and the social sciences.   In other words:

  • how we use language
  • learning and cognition using words
  • communication of ideas

Isn't that what we are all trying to do with our websites?

If you care to look into how written words are constructed then you maybe surprised to see that it's a method and technology that Google is very likely to have adopted.  I believe that the branching theory of linguistics has been used to detect and discount spun text articles.   Simply said, you will gain little link value by rewording an article and submitting it to a blog website.  In fact you will gain little from rewording your product or service offerings on different web-pages on the same website.

How to detect this duplicate re-wording issue?

Look at the number of indexed pages and check to see home many of them are on the primary index rather than on the secondary index. If you have a big problem then 80%+ of your webpages will not count towards your page ranking or influence.  In fact links to re-worded content will drain your page rank and influence..

How do the principles of Natural Language Processing work?

Have a look into branching linguistics theory where the allocation of words is understood by their association and position. NLP is a theory of natural language structure which is based upon basic grammar principles but with additional deeper levels of natural sentence rules.  The use of such coding methods completely reveals spun article text as duplicate text. It is insufficient to just get an article past the test of I believe that Google's content analysis has progressed to understand the grammatical construct of text articles.

This is how it works. Take the meaning of your content line by line or grammar bullet point by grammar bullet point.   Now reword the same content using spinning text so that it retains the same meaning but uses different words - in other words well spun text, e.g.

Our on-page content is easy to understand and conveys its purpose with minimal use of words.

Now do another spun output version which reads the same and conveys the same meaning:

My on-page text is simple to understand and communicates its message via efficient usage of words.

Now go to this web address and enter the two variations above: the resulting parse trees are:


(ROOT (S (NP (PRP$ Our) (JJ on-page) (NN content)) (VP (VP (VBZ is) (ADJP (JJ easy) (S (VP (TO to) (VP (VB understand)))))) (CC and) (VP (VBZ conveys) (NP (PRP$ its) (NN purpose)) (PP (IN with) (NP (NP (JJ minimal) (NN use)) (PP (IN of) (NP (NNS words))))))) (. .)))

(ROOT (S (NP (PRP$ My) (JJ on-page) (NN text)) (VP (VP (VBZ is) (ADJP (JJ simple) (S (VP (TO to) (VP (VB understand)))))) (CC and) (VP (VBZ communicates) (NP (NP (PRP$ its) (NN message)) (PP (IN via) (NP (NP (JJ efficient) (NN usage)) (PP (IN of) (NP (NNS words)))))))) (. .)))


In my way of looking at this, by decoding language patterns, we have:

Inner portion of language analysis 1st version: PRP.JJ.NN.VBZ.JJ.TO.VB.CC.VBZ.PRP.NN.IN.JJ.NN.IN.NNS

Inner portion of language analysis 2nd version: PRP.JJ.NN.VBZ.JJ.TO.VB.CC.VBZ.PRP.NN.IN.JJ.NN.IN.NNS

Both sentence versions have the SAME
language syntax structure
and will ring duplicate content alarm bells
in Google's new Penguin system.

or, used incorrectly, 'Hello negative SEO!'

If you do not believe that Google has got to this level of sophistication then think again and look at their bank balance.  Understand what they are risking if they do not apply such algorithms.  My grammar isn't perfect in the above example but I suggest that my logic and conclusion is 100% correct.

Your top on-page content priority aims now require more originality.  Be original and relevant and do NOT use SEO or web design types who just spin or take ideas from others.  Google will trash your website and your income if you rip content from others even if you re-write it.  The proof that this is possible is set out above for all to see.


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