Marketing keywords plus branding is the way forward

Your Citations (mentions used out on the internet) are dominated by the relevance and associated words used with your business.  If you were a plumber who only used their mobile phone number then the association may well only be 'cell phone lookup' so the content or branding surrounding the use of that phrase (the mobile phone number) becomes a total and useless washout - it's only a mobile phone number. You may not want to optimise upon the cell/mobile phone number but when you use it in promotion, or a website, then it brings with it its own connotation and association with OTHER brand words you do want to rank for.

Now do the same key phrase search for a client using their business telephone land line, use my number if you want: 01908 880777

In conclusion, I recommend..

Dropping the use of mobile numbers in web pages and any promotional content.
Keep mobile numbers as secondary contact numbers

You can see evidence of the word associations Google is using post Penguin. You can also see Google's way of handling multiple languages with cultural changes over time. When Google does this then branding or changes in cult words do not present a problem for them.

Time to get down to another video on word association, branding and relevance connection between words used in promotion or content...

Keep on-track with your content and mental focus because this is fairly stunning and conclusive evidence. It reveals the branding knowledge database Google is using in their content relevance algorithm.


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