Wedding photographer in Milton Keynes - SEO in or out?

Are you currently a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes wanting your wedding photography business to show up on page one in Milton Keynes? Milton Keynes wedding photography really isn't a big problem when you use niche targeting with the town name.

It is usually simple to get SEO page one listings with local towns but should you plan to use 'SEO in Milton Keynes' or perhaps say 'SEO Milton Keynes'? The answer depends upon the competition when you consider that Google has changed again.

On page website content alone makes it so easy to get top listings for Google searches like 'wedding photographer in Newham', or 'wedding photographer in Tower Hamlets' or 'wedding photographer in Westminster'. These London regions can all be achieving good page one Google results just with a single website.


Believe us when we say 'this is of no value in itself apart from its branding and promotional links.' This has it's own benefit and it has very little to do with gaining immediate web visitors. Should you be a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes your trading name becomes associated with MK as long as it is associated with MK. Your business is branded or joined with MK.


One needs a thick skin  when people sell you regarding SEO promotion. The required steps you have complete, together with all the money making you must have to pay for highly competitive market rankings, will cause most standard websites to be forced off page one Google results. This is the reason why you find highly marketed and sophisticated websites within competitive niches. A site has to offer greater value to their visitors in order to retain their ranking position. Internet consultants selling you SEO for only a single website are, well... 'lying to you about their ability to promote your site and offer only vague assurances together with slick chatter.' One needs excellent content for great visitor value to help your main website from other websites having content with a related subject theme.


There has been a Google change in the last month or two: 'in' is now an active word of a key phrase. Common preposition words like this were previously omitted.
A website owner can SEO target for 'wedding photographer  Newham' or 'wedding photographer in Newham'. They will yield two distinctly separate sets of Google results.


Because so many sites are SEO niche targeting towns, and have dropped the 'in' town, gaps are now left behind by sites not using 'in' town. Google users locally using more complete English expressions and will use 'in' your town.


Is this SEO in Milton Keynes or SEO Milton Keynes - I'll allow you to figure it out.


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