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Your Milton Keynes website design may have a level of organic search traffic that's quite low so should you be aiming for 'the masses'?

If you carry on trying to rank for an obvious and well marketed phrase then you will be aiming your website for these masses. In my view, this can be completely wrong if your level of charges for a quality of service or product does not fit well with mass expectations. It is an out-and-out vanity objective to go for the masses if your product or service does not fit in this mass market marketplace.  In the early days you may have been oversold this mass market idea during your website development.

Consider this idea about internet marketing in Milton Keynes:

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Automated spam tools can be used by SEO consultants in Milton Keynes.  You can justifiably say: 'I have a YouTube video on fishing that's been seen 40,000+ times and is trusted so I call it SEO Milton Keynes and link back to my site'.  That will work to pass the trust level back to the target website or the client website.

Abuse or spamming of YouTube is so easy because the videos can not be detected or read to verify their subject content.  It's a legitimate question to ask if you should be tempted to use such methods.  The answer to this question ultimately has to be a question for the client to answer and it's not a primary question for the SEO consultant.  Guns don't kill people, people using guns kill people and the same is true of black hat.  The deceitful  labeling of a popular YouTube video is simply black hat.  It's cheating and you can equate this activity to putting a packaging wrapper around the video and calling it something it's not.

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Blogs are poisoned by automated junk comments and back links left on the footer of the message.  So you now rush to put in something which strips out back links in the hope that this makes such comments worthless?

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Milton Keynes is just like any mid-sized town.  The population is of a size and of a disposable income to make online SEO marketing a worthwhile activity.  The activity of market research creates a problem due to the distortion of your web site statistics.  The traffic distortion adds to the fog and haze when you try to find real business.

Distortion is not the only problem caused by SEO marketing research.  SEO activity can directly lower the content quality of blogs and websites across the globe.  So why do people use blogs and why are they under attack?

Blogs, Are They Worth It?

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