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Deeper symbolic phrase article structures

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 26 July 2012 in SEO for Business

Here's the partial page one results of a Google search for 'Pull Out Testing' - it shows us how primitive and simple Google is!

Yes, Penguin is primitive and simple. 'Pull Out Testing' is mainly a service and also an academic research of bonding material strengths.

The Google search engine does not go deeper than single words when it comes to measuring word association and relevance.  All you have to do is put up a good mix of words in close proximity to each other.

The Penguin update pushes the academic site and the sky sports site into the results.  Nothing on the sky website is going to relate to the 'pull out testing'.  What is happening is that the single word 'testing' is being associated with 'test' as used in cricket test match.  The authority websites comes in and pushed to the top.  There is no way in which the whole search phrase is being understood by Google and therefore Google is primitive in its search engine capability - well not quite see below.  Irrelevant results are presented because the authority sites have mentioned each of the words.  The words individually are measured to be in good and close proximity to relevant and associated words used to describe features or attributes of: 'pull', 'out' and 'testing' (akin to 'test').

SEO influence of so called 'stop words'.

Stop words also have a role to play in bending the Google results. Stop words are words used so frequently that they carry no implied meaning to the words used right next to them.  I prefer not to use the common phrase 'stop words' because they aren't really 'black list' / 'invisible' or 'stop words'.  The 'in' and 'of' are normally in 'stop words' but these words do matter and in this case we have an implied 'pull out of test' on the sky website.

To just say that the Google Penguin update prefers authority websites is wrong. Penguin does prefer authority websites but it also measure relevance at a SINGLE word deep level.

What is the optimal way to do on-page SEO with the Penguin or the Google Search Engine?

Good relevant word associations, at a single word level, will always work.  You must also use variations of the same stem word such as exampled above with: 'Test', 'Testing', 'Tester', 'Tests'.  You should also use so called 'stop words' because they still flow and connect with their text.

Another simpler way to look at this is to say to yourself that a Google search being entered by the user is being executed as many different variations of the same phrase.  The relevant weight given to each variation maybe different but multiple searches are occurring for the single phrase the user enters.

The real value of web 2.0 websites?

Google has not reached the point where complete phrases are understood and this implies a subject the user is searching for.  It is doubtful where this stage will ever be reached because human language can be so vague when only partial phrases s of search query text are entered.  This is why Google will use personal profiles of peoples interests to try to make the results personally relevant and more commercially valuable to advertisers.

Web 2.0 social websites are pointers to your personal preferences and they profile you ready for your personalised search results.

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