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Free template damages your Milton Keynes SEO?

Posted by A Hinxman on Monday, 05 March 2012 in SEO for Business

Your Milton Keynes SEO can be damaged by a 'free' template!

Others preach 'Milton Keynes SEO' but have bad on-page SEO with classic errors of judgement.

Internet consultants sell SEO and optimise for 'Milton Keynes SEO' partly because they can not be at position one with 'SEO Milton Keynes'. Why can they not get results and topple's position with ease?

Anyone who is sufficiently determined should be able to topple the position for the SEO Milton Keynes search phrase. It's only a matter of design, determination and scale of effort.

Normally, internet marketing consultants can not beat the Google position because of basic on-page errors in their website construction.

Try and search for this: Joomla Milton Keynes

At about position seven or eight you see a website with this description text on page one:

Example of bad Milton Keynes SEO

You have to question what is doing on a website which focuses upon getting: Milton Keynes SEO?

The answer to their problem lies in the template used upon this website. Their website is built upon Joomla and they have allowed a link to go back to the website template publishers. This is a classic on-page website construction error. All those free templates you think of as 'free' are not really 'free' because they carry a link back to the template author. People who really know about on-page SEO and know how to build websites are aware of this but somehow these people sell SEO are not aware of the free back link they give the template authors.

All the SEO effort they put into their website is partly drained by the 'free template' back link to the template author.

What's worse is the fact that they will sell you a website so you must also ask 'will your website also have the same problems of on-page SEO leakage?'


The true beneficiary of such websites are the template authors. Clearly, these template authors can get some naive people to put up websites that link back to the themselves. The template authors are technically much smarter in their SEO when they give away templates to people who think that they can do Milton Keynes SEO. This is not unusual. Milton Keynes is a small market and the template authors are making the real cash with their SEO.

The internet has allot of fools gold with fake promises offering you the hope of riches. If you know what you are looking at you can discern the fools gold from the real gold. You just need to get technically savvy about what you are doing and what you want. 'Milton Keynes SEO' is actually a poor relation to 'SEO Milton Keynes'.

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