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Growth in the secondary index problem

Posted by A Hinxman on Friday, 20 July 2012 in search engine optimization

By referring to 'Secondary Index' I am talking about the page content which hardly exists on the Google indexed content results.  You can find out if your website is treated as low level secondary content if you search for your website pages and then locate the last page.  The following method shows you how you can do this:

  1. Go to or
  2. Enter a web search which details your domain name.  You do this like so:

    Depending upon how you configure your domain then you many need to enter the www like this:

  3. The results show the number of pages indexed, for this site it is:

    About 1,920 results (0.25 seconds)

  4. Now click upon the last indexed page until you reach the final page:

    Google Secondary Index
  5. Now take the primary indexed pages (140 in this case) and divide by the total number of indexed pages:

    140/1920 ~= 7% primary index content = likely problem!

Well, you can clearly see that there is a problem so what has happened "panic, panic, panic" - calm down I say!

The real answer is that I once carried one of the forms of article publishing systems which now looks more like duplicate content.  I'm cutting it out and ditching it on this site.

The new Penguin Google algoritham now detects the hosting of duplicate content using latent symantic indexing techniques.  This catches quite a few fairly standard situations where duplicate content can be used upon your site:

  • You got lazy and duplicated from content already on your website.
    Ans.  Simply re-write your web pages to be more accurate and descritive of each variation of product or service.
  • You got lazy and tried to re-write/copy the top competitor content.
    Don't do it because everything is unique in its own way and all you should do is express it.
  • You pulled in a RSS feed as almost 100% page content.
    Ans. Get your web developer to blend such content into your own or remove it.
  • You are a thin affiliate.
    Ans. Put your own description and content against the affiliated products and stop directly using the data feed descriptions.  That's quite a task but it puts you well above your competitors.  There ARE good ways of doing this automatically depending upon the industry sector you are in.
  • You take on, or host, spun content - sorry folks, that's fast becoming old hat!
    Ans. The LSI detection is quite good and resolves spun content back down to duplicate content levels.  You have to go beyond the standard level of spun content if it were to present any value.  You must always bear in mind that what you say must be unique in its context.  For example, if you say 'bike to work' then there are going to be millions of websites with the same words.  If you now say 'cycle to work' then it resolves down to saying almost the same thing so it is treated as conceptually duplicate content.  In short, you MUST add unique value.
  • You take on and host spun content - but you did not know it!
    Ans.  You trusted the wrong person and they took some PLR content and only lightly re-wrote it for your website.  Get to know a proper copywriter and do the job properly.
  • Your SEO outsourcing is lazy and used your website content as a content source.
    Ans.  Get rid of your SEO outsourcing and re-write your own website content without changing the website URL paths.  You can not undo the vast number of  duplicate articles that are created and spun.   Some software based article submission software will simply create 100s of duplicate articles and the page rank of the article forums may take over ownership of the content.  You can now run negative SEO using this principle but I will not go into that.

There is absolutely no question that the level of investment needed to achieve on-page SEO has increased greatly.  Directories are gaining a greater number of the ranking positions. The current power of the directories simply reflects their diversity and the uniqueness of their on-page content.  In addition, directories know how to run proper link campaigns from legitimate websites they create and sell.  Directories sell promotion but in truth they promote only their interests.  Nothing strange about this only they are better at it than any small business entering the web.



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