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How deep should your menus be?

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 14 June 2012 in SEO for Business

I've been moving my main menus around to make the SEO intense main menu a deeper menu.  This menu hold the links which are too SEO intense for Penguin.  The Google expectations, for the structure of your website, have now altered to reflect a more natural and less intense overall website structure and format.

This is quite well understood by SEO people but Google also has to accept attached and subject focused areas such as shopping categories, blogs and article RSS feeds.  What I believe to be the most significant change is the home page expectations.  The home page must show a loyalty to itself and not give away home page links to other websites.  This is a clear sign of web linking networks and such links will be de-merited.

Nothing is truly cast in stone except for the measured expectation that your website has a first loyalty to itself.  This implies no home page affiliate links, no over advertising on the header and real single purpose issues being supported by proper site links in a menu.

If your business subscribes to trade associations then you can keep a small logo o the home page but you should not link to the association from your home page even if you do a 'nofollow' on the link.  you first loyalty is to your brand and your website representing your brand.

The Penguin movement towards social networking is simply an effort to determine the significance of websites and words used on websites.  The meaning of what you write is determined by the social content it is carried upon.  Spam, spun content, link farms, mass auto-blog back links, 1000+ Twitter/Facebook auto-generated accounts all spamming when what really matters is communication of your purpose and brand.

To be effective your communication has to be: complete, broad in its reach and loyal to its purpose.  You have a macro level where you develop your plan to map out your path and you have a micro level where you measure your results.

There is no room for confusion or a lack of purpose.  I tweak my menus and their links to build better websites with more profit.

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