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Internet Marketing Choice SEO Phrases - the hard way and the easy way!

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 09 February 2012 in SEO for Business

Your Milton Keynes website design may have a level of organic search traffic that's quite low so should you be aiming for 'the masses'?

If you carry on trying to rank for an obvious and well marketed phrase then you will be aiming your website for these masses. In my view, this can be completely wrong if your level of charges for a quality of service or product does not fit well with mass expectations. It is an out-and-out vanity objective to go for the masses if your product or service does not fit in this mass market marketplace.  In the early days you may have been oversold this mass market idea during your website development.

Consider this idea about internet marketing in Milton Keynes:

"Someone sets up an advertising agency and recruits a couple of really good sales people. They then setup a web design agency and sell advertising space. They don't care about their image too much and they cross sell whatever they like while also pulling in the punters who want to advertise. Things start to go well so they outsource to India and China to mass spam automated type promotion onto blogs.  While they are at it they recruit some copyrighters. Now things are starting to hot up and they can go for a few more markets and websites. They claim a few more niches and sell space to people slightly outside of their initial market. Now they have 1/10th of the best Google ranking slots.

The trouble is there could be at least 20 others agencies doing the same and they also don't care how they get their money. A good website image is only surface deep and it's a completely ruthless game involving many sectors and money niche phrases."

That's what SEO on-page mass marketing is!

It has less to do with style, reputation of quality - only money niches and you may have no time to develop them?

In this sense you only need style and branding if it increases sales conversion.  A quality business approach already has it's brand image in a fairly well developed state.  If your business already has its brand image then you should only ask if the brand can be applied to the mass market because most of your website traffic may come from brand recognition not on-page mass market SEO.

So what should your real internet marketing SEO objectives be?

You should question the alignment of your price, the marketplace and the values you can really achieve online.  It's perfectly sensible to have a mass market approach if you also detail a higher quality market offering.  Higher quality markets are normally driven by your well known brand name(s) and have little to do with SEO.  Well that's true until your brand reaches the mass market affiliates then you are back to defending your brand SEO phrases.  Most small and local business artisans have not reached the mass market and high quality branding stage.  It is therefore wise for small local businesses to try to find a SEO phrases to match their market rather than following the crowd.

I find it beneficial to ask myself to re-question what I am doing if I find myself trying to copy someone else in the marketplace. If I am following someone else then it is simply telling me that my pool of ideas in that area are low. If my ideas are low then my promotion and anything I do in that area is also low. I find it defeatist to follow others and that includes their SEO internet marketing phrases.  If you find your idea pool is low then re-evaluate what you are aiming for and what you are doing.

If you do not follow the crowd you must be doubly sure that you do achive real results.  You need to measure real results because the SEO marketing industry can 'sell you the idea that some worthless and easy to achieve SEO phrase' is valuable when it is not.  It is what I call fools' gold.

The only thing that matters is the phone ringing or the products going out of the door in sales.  You must plan, structure and monitor exactly how you get into that position.  Scam schemes selling you a quick fix in SEO services will not be honest enough to tell you this?

'Buyer beware' is an old legal phrase that's still holds true about SEO Internet Marketing in Milton Keynes.

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