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Is robot blog spam still worth it if blog admininistrators prevent back links?

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 26 January 2012 in SEO for Business

Blogs are poisoned by automated junk comments and back links left on the footer of the message.  So you now rush to put in something which strips out back links in the hope that this makes such comments worthless?

Stripping out the back links from comments in blogs only removes one value to leaving the worthless message.  The automated blogger systems start to have simple suggestions to reach their website.  That's standard junk and you can delete that although there will be allot of junk due to automation.

There is a deeper reason why there is value in leaving a junk message.  Google has to learn languages and words and the meaning of brand words.  In fact it has to do this word learning in 150 languages.  Brand words and new cultural words are learnt from the words commonly associated with them.  It's kind of a learn by association method just like a child would learn.

If you leave enough comment messages saying 'SEO Milton Keynes By Anton' then Anton is associated with SEO in Milton Keynes.  Google has no choice but to learn from words as they evolve and develop in their use and association.  Language is not a static thing it evolves over time.  It's all very deep and it's called Symantics.  People who make a great deal of money on the internet understand this concept and level of marketing.

The mere blog comment of key phrase words plus your branding word will have them associated.  Build this up over many entries and your brand name (company name or actual brand name) is highly associated with the keyword.  All of this is achievable without putting in a link.  SPAM injection of content works but you 'use it' in proper articles or 'descend into doing it' with SPAM injection?


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