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Make money fast and add to SPAM junk on the internet?

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 26 January 2012 in SEO for Business

Automated spam tools can be used by SEO consultants in Milton Keynes.  You can justifiably say: 'I have a YouTube video on fishing that's been seen 40,000+ times and is trusted so I call it SEO Milton Keynes and link back to my site'.  That will work to pass the trust level back to the target website or the client website.

Abuse or spamming of YouTube is so easy because the videos can not be detected or read to verify their subject content.  It's a legitimate question to ask if you should be tempted to use such methods.  The answer to this question ultimately has to be a question for the client to answer and it's not a primary question for the SEO consultant.  Guns don't kill people, people using guns kill people and the same is true of black hat.  The deceitful  labeling of a popular YouTube video is simply black hat.  It's cheating and you can equate this activity to putting a packaging wrapper around the video and calling it something it's not.

Google's visitors are their customers so they are being cheated by deceit. Sooner rather than later, Google will catch up with this and the whole method will crash and burn, never to be seen again.  The client website sinks and goes out of business under big SEO consultancy fees.

If the SEO consultant wants to use such black-hat methods then they should not, in my view, use black hat on behalf of their clients.  If you expose your clients to being deluded into thinking that you have more power and influence over Google results then more fool you - the so called consultant. Some people would call this sales - I don't it has crossed the line and leads to trouble.  It's not professional and in fact I would consider it careless and lacking in a duty of care to the clients' best interest.  Taking short cuts, with associated high risk, is often the sign of a desperate and foolish decision.

SEO consultant have to test and monitor the efficiency of Google and it is legitimate for them  to use these methos for reasons of research.

Can you loose out if you have the website visitor traffic anyway?

There is a hidden cost to cheating and black hat methods.  While you are using such methods you are not learning any other better long term methods.  Start on the road to cheating and you go from one quick-fix method to another.  You can fail to build your customer loyalty or market yourself in any proper way.  Your business focus depends upon an external resource called the 'Milton Keynes SEO Consultant'.  Your dependancy grows and your understanding of what is going on is diminished.   When the black hat methods are found out you fall to rock bottom in Google or even vanish with no resources to see you through.


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