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SEO In Milton Keynes needs to ask some question about itself. Some personal and frank answers about SEO and how it effects local Milton Keynes business.

SEO marketing in Milton Keynes adds to junk and spam web traffic

Posted by A Hinxman on Thursday, 26 January 2012 in SEO for Business

Milton Keynes is just like any mid-sized town.  The population is of a size and of a disposable income to make online SEO marketing a worthwhile activity.  The activity of market research creates a problem due to the distortion of your web site statistics.  The traffic distortion adds to the fog and haze when you try to find real business.

Distortion is not the only problem caused by SEO marketing research.  SEO activity can directly lower the content quality of blogs and websites across the globe.  So why do people use blogs and why are they under attack?

Blogs, Are They Worth It?

Blogs are informational messages structured and prosented in an ordered manner for each search and retrieval.  The blog of old was a simple daily diary affair but tools for blogging have improved.  These improvements to blogs allow them to be searched by subject or category.  In fact the search capability is multi-layered so that you can have sub-sections of a category.  Google loves this kind of structure because it gives power to your web visitors through easy to use search facilities.  Web users can easily find additional relevant information which matches their initial Google search.  When Google sends a visitor to a well organised blog then the user lands in an area of high relevance with additional pages of additional information upon the subject.  In effect, the blog website is a good place to be because it answers the search query of the web user.


In short, blogs are worth maintaining but only if you have the time or technology to maintain them.

Blogs can be abused by 'bad' SEO marketing companies

When a Milton keynes SEO marketing company, or marketing consultant, starts to operate in their trade then they use short cut tools, services and methods.  They charge high fees, due to the relative affluence of Milton Keynes, and then outsource via spam blogging to gain back links.  Spam blogging is commonly undertaken because it is cheap to subscribe to and you simply run a process upon your computer to place worthless comments with back links going to your client websites.

Google sees things in slow motion.

A valuable blog with good content has a reputation and trust level with Google and this is called page rank.  The automated spam SEO blogging activity burdens the quality blog to the point where it looses its Google reputation.  Many blogs are vonerable to this kind of attack.  The suppliers of the spam automation software only have to find and publish the blog upon a suckers list.  The suckers list gets distributed automatically to the subscribers and the bloggs are so spammed that they have to close down.

Efforts are made to try to control who can leave reply messages upon a blog.  Just like banking you can see distorted images which only a human can translate.  Such methods have now been overcome so the battel is always on to try to keep your blog open to valuable human comments while keeping out the robot blog spam.

Some people call this SEO, so what do you think this 'marketing' activity really is?


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