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SEO Milton Keynes with Google Spam

Posted by A Hinxman on Friday, 01 June 2012 in SEO for Business

I monitor and have Google notifications of any new indexed content relating to 'Web Design Milton Keynes'. I'm quite amused by this last result which was sent to me by the normal Google email notification:

It's all the fault of that Penguin.  What we have here is an authority site and latent semantic indexing.

Two perverted anomalies are showing here (1) Web Design is seen as relevant to 'designers' and (2) the word distance between 'Milton Keynes' and 'designers' does not matter greatly.  What really matters is the relevance in LSI for 'Milton Keynes' and then for 'Designers' plus the power push of the authority website.  The whole example webpage is not relevant at all in any way to 'Web Design Milton Keynes' - the article is about fashion not web design!

You can now say that any website has to use and build its authority and then use such authority against separate portions of your long tail key phrase aim.  It is not sufficient to load up a page with repeated or even varied key word aims.  This is the killer over-optimisation behind the Penguin update.

The real objective is to become an authority site over separate portions of your long tail key phrase aims.  I recommend that you break down you key phrases and portion the components out and then major on the portions for relevant LSI so that you can bring the portions back together again in you introduction and your conclusion.

To be relevant to Milton Keynes you may as well talk about The Escape building or the MK Dons. You then have to talk about design in a fashion sense or in terms of shapes and colours.  This is a bit extreme but you can see how silly this is getting just to get relevance against 'Wed Design Milton Keynes'.

Key point: Your key phrases need to be decomposed and split out so that each part is supported by content.

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