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All Hail 'Content Management Systems' Coming To The Rescue?

Not quite so fast. Yes, Content Management Systems (CMS) needs design but it will lower the cost of Milton Keynes website maintenance and will allow new website content to be included at a lower cost. CMS systems offer a full upgrade path beyond the limits of local Milton Keynes website developers.

We would just like to ask you what usually happens when you reduce costs and you have your clients take on more of your supplied services? You understand what the probable final result is?

  • Things start to be forgotten by your clients.
  • Tasks become too hard and complicated for your clients to manage in the time given.
  • Competitive marketplace performance is often damaged.
  • Initial website success brings about a positive business distraction and success is not maintained.

Do you fly your own plane to your business meetings or do you do business and let your pilot get you to your destination?

If you have a Milton Keynes website all your content authors will need proper objectives so as to write content which promotes and facilitates your business to achieve niche areas together with your long term company objectives. You need two aspects of website administration:

  1. Systems administration 
  2. Policy and content administration

Your business website will not grow and be successful without both elements being efficient.

The CMS system you select must perform well and be well established. Some CMS systems are sold or licensed but they seldom succeed or have any of the backing of open source CMS systems. It is very helpful to select a major open source CMS. The open source principle guarantees your ability to be free of the web designer, if you so wish, and freely use another design agency in future. Another major open source CMS benefit comes from continuous reviews of security patches and additional facilities you can download and plug-in as and when you need them.

Every CMS system needs configuration to go with your needs but open source systems offer a lot of online and free resources to tune and configure your CMS system. Additionally, open source CMS systems offer a big enough marketplace for book authors to target be it 'Dummies Guide' or 'Advanced Programmer CMS Frameworks'. Although this may not appeal directly to the end user or owner of a website it brings substantial benefits to the website owner because more qualified and informed website developers are available to them in the marketplace.

CMS systems offer a full upgrade path beyond the limits of any MK website developers. Adaptive, living and changing websites know no bounds and require flexibility at short notice. Proprietary, or software house, website developers will reach their limits of workload and capacity to handle change. A proprietary website will eventually stall if it needs to grow its business and expand exponentially.


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