MK SEO Training Implementation

Creating a draft approval site with keyword highlights

Phase 1 – Write the draft web site

This will take the form of either a local copy or a copy of the web site held in a private area.  The choice depends upon the level of technology involved in the site and the need to share the site for remote on-line approval.

The web design is designed at this stage for draft approval against the agreed site guidence notes.

Phase 2 – Partnered changes

Unlike many of our competitors we permit more flexibility in the final stages.  This is because we can use dynamic content driven by database changes rather than doing everything by hand in code.

The final draft for approval denotes the final payment point prior to publishing upon the web.  Again, unlike our competitors we permit four updates per years under our maintenance plan.  We oftern find that clients find this useful when business levels improve and a call handling service needs to be put in place.  This necessitates a change in the telephone contact number initially published on the site.

Phase 3 – Make live when approval and payment made

We place site upon the domain and put into place site registration of the domain together with the registration of Google Analytics.

Phase 4 – Monitor site Monitor analytics's for traffic and search terms

After a small delay of about four to six weeks your site will be known and read by the search engines.  The analysis of content, and therefore ranking, is now in the hands of the search engine.  If your site per-existed with poor content of 'Under Construction' then this process can take twelve to twenty weeks due to the low, or zero, ranking of the old contents.

Unlike our competitors we don't just 'cut and run' when the site is written - we follow through to measure the traffic results.  You want to know if you are going to get the expected leads and therefore sales conversions.  We will monitor the initial launch traffic.  This monitoring captures search expressions used by people landing/going to your site.  We will then inform you of unexpected pleasent suprises or areas where you are off-target from your business expectations.  With the benefit of this very detailed information you can use our four changes maintenance policy to take care of fine tuning to your site's search engine optimisation.

With the benefit of our monitoring information you can answer the following question:

Is your site traffic meeting expectations?

Phase 5 – Monitor business generated

But wait... increased/high traffic levels are all well and good but "Are you getting real leads and good sales conversions?"

We can measure the average number of pages visited by people landing on your site and the pages most visited.  This is highly beneficial - remember how we seperated each web page by product or service?

Should you find that your site attracts particular attention from one or more product/service pages then you can conclude one of the following:

  1. you have tapped a market with demand
  2. you need to look at the less popular pages and their offerings
  3. optimisation needs a fine tune for the poorer pages

This information is of fantastic market value to people who can tune their businesses to meet changing demands in the marketplace.

Phase 6 – Optional defence

Ongoing defence and improvement Competitors kept off keyword territory web design implementation competitors.



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