Sub-domains - what are they and are they SEO bad?

Can sub-domains be bad or good for your website SEO? The answer is good SEO if you undertake detailed SEO rules. If you do not follow the SEO rules then your website may get a SEO penalty.

What are sub-domains?

Sub-domains are mini-sites attached to a master site by use of the domain URL. You can have and then sub-domain to so the best thing about sub-domains is that you can use them for domain URL paths you can not purchase such as 'wedding photographer London' with a dot com. You can have and then sub-domain to so the best thing about sub-domains is that you can use them for domain URL paths you can not purchase such as 'wedding photographer london' with a

Is the use of sub-domains of advantage for your SEO and the master website SEO?

The answer your sub-domain being good or bad for SEO is not, on the face of it simple, but the influence of sub-domains have is far reaching.

Google deserves some respect here. With sub-domains you can purchase a master domain and then attach many sub-domains off from this master domain. The problem with this is that it cheapens the entry level of SEO into every niche search. In addition, Google a simple principle rule: 'Never have badly labelled doorways (links) which go to places which do not match up to the users expectations.'  The label on the link may be wrong or, more importantly, the page of content does not relate to the destination page of content that the link points to. You have to think about theme relevance linking.

I am always amazed at how sophisticated search engines' algorithms are and how they figure out your page ranking position against any search niche. Google does not want to deceive, or loose it's business integrity, while at the same time it's in a very powerful market position and can't reveal its algorithms. Have some respect for them, even if you detest their market dominance, and move up to the next level of recognising to appreciate how easy it is to play their game and win.

The basic algorithm may change according to weighted factors but all of Googles commercial manipulation occurs in the presentation of the search engine page. All that 'finding search results as you type', the 'local map having PPC prime entries in blue', the 'local map floating as you scroll down', the 'right hand multi-media diversity of search' and in the much bigger picture: the 'splitting down of niches into many sub-niches all with competition and good PPC revenue power'. If there is one thing you can never do on the internet that is to underestimate how market dominant and intelligent Google is.

Back to: 'Are sub-domains good or bad for SEO?   What are the SEO Rules?'

They are good if you use them well. To use sub-domains in a good way you need to remember the basic rule of matching up to visitor expectations in a connected and themed way. In addition a special penalty seems to apply with any poor or badly used sub-domain which is off-topic or off-theme. If the sub-domain links to the master domain and the link is off-subject/off-theme then it removes page rank power from the master domain. Ponder for a second, the reason why this happens is because you can have sub-domains as traffic fishing sites which direct users to the master site. The sub-domain mini-site can then abuse the website visitor. This is true of badly linking other domains but because the ownership of this one site and its sub-domains is under the same master account then these actions will undergo a definite ranking penalty fees. All the master websites as well as sub-domain are functioning like a link farm. Sub-domains differ for the reason that they often tend to stay below one identical account and thus final control with a single master domain.

Used properly sub-domains are amazing as every website can continue to keep subjects organised by using sub-niche relevance. In case sub-domain Search engine optimisation used improperly both the sub-domain as well as master domain be affected with a huge search engine optimisation problem.


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