Zero Value Black Hat SEO Overkill

Some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultants make use of quick and dirty methods to attain results for websites which offer no real visitor content value. Could this be beneficial, will the final results last over time and what is the value of looking like a cheat?

If you know what you are doing with SEO then you can abuse the system. Who are you trying to impress when you do this and are such people a legitimate and real target market for SEO?

There is an increasing problem with SEO because so many poor quality consultants are in this sector. There exist no real SEO skills and they cannot exist due to search engine changes with time. This is a serious problem since these, so called, consultants could buy a white label pack of SEO consultant software solutions. They then brand expensive reports to their image and, within thirty minutes, they look like they are an established SEO consultant.

Your on-site or on-page website words should correspond with your industry or services you offer. Indeed, this seems so basic but have a look at how many websites don't do this straightforward thing. You must ensure that you give due regard to keyword search volumes while also balancing this with your client understanding and your own industry customer purchase intent key phrases. The key phrases might be easy, or they may be widespread, however they ought to match your understanding of your industry sector. Any good SEO consultant in Milton Keynes may expand upon these purchase, or contact intent, key phrases and also the website business proprietor is the individual who makes the ultimate decision. Would any entrepreneur want it any other way when the online world is a market gamble of odds and potential clients?

When white label SEO is so popular and oversold you find that individuals in business start having a distrust of software automated, expensive and half hour generated SEO. If the real SEO consultant is not careful then they get sucked into responding against this trend and move towards black hat SEO snake oil. The legitimate consultant could drop their standards by presenting hard hitting and unsubtle websites merely as promotion. That's SEO websites with no real intention of visitor conversion or imparting any content value.

I have been guilty of this myself. The overall impact it leaves is one of web visitor 'hate of spam' where no value can be found on the high ranking website. I'm now reformed and don't go near black hat SEO. I now go with the premise that the visitor has already given something to you, their energy. The implicit contract is to provide something of value in return for their time.

I also believe that it is right and appropriate for any real SEO advisor to 'play with the SEO envelope' to discover what is best in terms of overall performance. It just doesn't have to be around an empty value site to do this - it's much better, and possibly more sales converting, to possess a more genuine website.

If the overall impression is bad then you end up getting the same doubting, empty pocket, small business customers and you start to believe that this is the only approach to do SEO.

This is so completely wrong and any SEO consultant falling into this trap has failed to understand the true value of SEO.

Black hat SEO isn't really a good market for any SEO consultant to aim for.

We all put down our own stall and pin our colours to the SEO flag, whilst we will even rise or fall in the search engines business because of it.


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